RSA Objectives and Benefits

Our Objectives

The primary objective of the RSA is to represent the views of commercial syndicators and racing club managers within the horse racing industry. There are numerous meetings held with the BHA, Great British Racing, the Racehorse Owners Association, the National Trainers Federation, the Racecourse Association and various other stakeholders and RSA Committee members attend these meetings to ensure that the interests of our members are reflected within the industry.

Alongside this primary objective, the Association works to help RSA members to promote their offerings and will endeavour to deliver, support and promote various initiatives which target the growth of shared ownership.

The Tools We Use

Our Committee members volunteer their time to work in partnership with other industry stakeholders to identify improvements that everyone can get behind. There is far more going on “behind the scenes” than you might realise with regular meetings and steering groups attended by RSA Committee members.

The RSA also utilises social media and our website to reach a wider audience.

The Committee also looks to support events that showcase shared ownership, allowing members to promote themselves and communicating the excitement of shared ownership to the race going public.

Member Benefits

Whilst members of the Committee work hard to deliver a package of benefits for RSA members, but the Committee does not consider this to be a core objective of the RSA.

It is recognised that whilst some members may join the RSA because of the benefits offered, all members are commercial syndicators, and the Committee feels that actions that contribute to securing the long-term future of members’ businesses provides more value than any discounts or perks that the RSA can provide.

Badge Allocations & Syndicate Member Experience

In communications from members, badge allocations for syndicates and racing clubs is the subject that features most prominently. Whilst the RSA Committee works with racecourses to ensure that best possible experience is delivered for syndicate and racing club members on race days, the demands of syndicates and racing club need to be realistic.

Feedback from members regarding badge allocations and the syndicate owner experience may be sent to [email protected]. Please note that specific complaints cannot be addressed, but feedback will be considered, and patterns identified which will feed into future discussions with racecourses and other stakeholders.

If an RSA member has an issue with a specific racecourse or racecourses, they are perfectly entitled to raise this with the racecourse(s) themselves, but the RSA Committee has made it clear to racecourses that such interactions are personal and are not necessarily the views of the RSA or other members.

Syndicator Badges

The RSA Committee works with racecourse groups and independent courses to try to persuade them to recognise RSA members and allow syndicate managers to attend when they have a runner without impacting upon the badge allocation for shareholders and members.

Any syndicator badge issued to an RSA member by an individual course or racecourse group (such as JCR or ARC) are only provided on the strict understanding that they may ONLY be used on days where an RSA member has a runner at the course. Members found to be using these in any other circumstances without any prior agreement from the racecourse, will have this privilege removed.

The RSA will seek to ensure that all members will be eligible for any syndicator badge allocation, but it has been agreed that each member of the RSA will need to be a separate commercial entity with their own contact address and a separate set of racing colours.