Impressive Calum Gilholey wins again under a penalty

BDRsyndicates strike in impressive style at Newton Abbot on Friday 21st August in a 2mile 5f Novice Hurdle
26th August 2020
Inside The Rails Podcast #1 – Simon & Phil
25th November 2020
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Calum Gilhooley backs up under a penalty for BDRsyndicates in gutsy style in a super ride from Kielan Woods, Thats 3 wins now for this horse in 5 starts with a second to boot.
Syndicator Colin Burr was delighted to see the yard form of trainer Graeme McPherson continue, Calum lined up in a 2mile 2f novice handicap shouldering 6 lb more than his opponents, the horse was flat out early on and was shuffled back and boxed in, however Kielan Woods didn’t panic and once in the home straight Calum got momentum and finished going away, the last 2 flights were fantastic to see as he totally winged them and sealed the race. BDR owners can be really delighted once again as the will to win for their emerging talent is there to see.
It will be interesting to see his next race plan- BDRsyndicates are really gathering momentum themselves with 8 horses and plenty more ammunition to come. Their horses are split with Stow trainer G McPherson Racing and at Ogmore with C Williams Racing.