RSA launch Syndicates Fundraiser in aid of the Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal

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16th May 2022
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At the RSA, our membership and syndicate members can make a real difference and, as such, we have founded the Syndicates Fundraiser Appeal in aid of The Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal . This is an RSA initiative and whilst it was originally founded by the RSA, the fundraising page itself page has intentionally been kept neutral so that it is hopefully suitable for all syndicate managers to consider sending to their respective membership.

You can find the page here:

The BHA have kindly agreed that any RSA Syndicate that wishes to support this can have a second set of colours registered to them with the same base but with a ‘Ukraine Themed Cap’ i.e with a horizontal halved cap with the top half blue and the lower half and peak yellow. The BHA confirm there will be no charge but registrations must end by September 30th.

The BHA ask that only one Syndicate at a time use the colours as they don’t want too many being worn simultaneously. As such, we suggest each supporting syndicate that is keen for their horses to wear a Ukraine cap, selects a week of the summer where they would like their horses to wear it. In terms of logistics regarding caps, the suggestion was to contact the valets who could carry the caps with them instead of circulating them amongst members/trainers which could create logistical issues.

For those syndicates that wish to get involved then please contact: [email protected]